Wednesday, August 15, 2012

tool #9

Technology is important to use in the class to bring other classrooms to our classroom. We worked with Skype and it would be cool to Skype again with other students in maybe Spain or France to discuss the Revolutionary War. We can always learn from others.

I liked the form that can be created in Google Docs to use as an accountability piece if in stations because as soon as the student signs in and completes the form, I receive an email to let me know they completed the form. Each students would need to know how to log in, but us teachers can help with that.

Thinkfinity gives the opportunity to explore different sites and two I found interesting are Civil War Letters on the ArtsEdge site and Life Before the Civil War on the Edsitement site. I like the Civil War Letters lesson because you are able to have students read and analyze letters written during a certain time period and have great discussions about what was read. The Life Before the Civil War lesson is also a good one to use and on the Edsitement site the lessons are already prepared for the teacher.

On This Day app and History: Maps of the World app seem more likely to be used in my US History class. It will be used as a reference tool and if at a station to make sure the student is accountable for their work, a worksheet or written assignment will be at the station and need to be completed to make sure the student did the work.

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