Tuesday, August 14, 2012

tool #3

1. I like the CNN, Discovery Education Social Studies 6-8th grade, and SchoolTube sites. All have great information for current events which we can use in the classroom each week or as homework. What I liked about the Discovery Education site is that you can go to various information to use. My video is from SchoolTube. It is an nice idea that could be helpful to students and students can actually research and create their own video about this week in history. Group effort to help maintain a class site on Edmodo possibly?

Another video that may  be useful as a project is the one below I found on YouTube. There were not many I enjoyed to use in the class to supplement the lesson, but this is a good idea for a project. A 5 min video produced by a student on what they learned in US History during the school year.

3. Copyright and Fair Use deals with people using another person's work or works that have been copy written. If a work has been copy written, it can be used by another person,but credit to the original author must be cited.

4. I could use Dropbox to put my files into as a backup.

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